Who's Who

Where there’s BAT, there’s a party!

Tiffany - Lead Vocals
Tiffany is BAT's leading lady. She comes from a musical family, but her love of music came after seeing Elton John on the Mickey Mouse Show. The rest is history. She learned how to play the piano at age 10, and she’s been singing since she was 11. Tiff brings the energy! In a world of Kardashians, she's an Audrey Hepburn. 

Monica - Lead Vocals

Monica is BAT’s Latin fire! She’s a versatile performer and experienced in different genres. This recording artist sings in English and Spanish. She’s been in the live music scene since she was 12. Monica loves to dance, and she brings the spice to BAT!

Michael - Guitar and Vocals
Mike is BAT’s guitar hero. He’s been playing guitar for 30 years. He’s written and recorded many songs in his music career. He’s also a certified music educator. Mike has one of the best tone’s you’ll ever hear.

Armando - Bass

Armando is BAT’s boss on bass! He has been playing bass for 20 years. He’s been in the Houston music scene for over 25 years. You can hear the music, but you FEEL the bass!

Walter - Drums
Meatball is the Duke of drums. He’s our backbone, and can play ANYTHING. We march to his beat!

Krume – Keys

Krume is BAT’s piano man! He is an accomplished pianist, with over 20 years of experience.